17 July 2008

Karim Rashid Cafe Design

Karim Rashid Cafe Design photo 1

Check out the “Majik CafĂ©” in Belgrade, Serbia. Majik is the first design-in restaurant in Belgrade a masterpiece of avant-garde art with the signature of Karim Rashid. Karim Rashid is a world famous star of industrial design fusion of simplicity and complexity, masterful play of lines and colors illumination in lively, optimistic colors conveying an aura of happiness every detail is created with care as a miniature work of art
attractive exteriors and interiors give special tone to your every visit.

Majik offers a rich choice of drinks, coffees and desserts
great meal is even greater when paired with a breathtaking dessert
in pleasant atmosphere it’s easy to relax and gather energy for the rest of the day
business conversation over coffee during the work hours sounds as an excellent idea
when you’re short on time and just passing by, stop for a quick drink
cheer up your dear ones with delicate sweets from around the globe
with friendly staff of Majik, even a short visit will bring out your smile

Photo of Majik Cafe

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19 April 2008

Chill-out chair from Nordi design club

Chill-out Chair is a unique and exclusive swing-chair designed and made in Latvia, a chair for anyone who wants to enjoy the easy and warm air of the Mediterranean at his/her home, apartment or garden. Driftwood sanded and burnished in the Baltic Sea is used as both mounts and design elements.

Chill-out Chair is a pleasant place to relax in on sunny summer days as well as long winter evenings. Easy rocking while reading, having a cup of tea or simply chatting with friends makes you feel just what you might have been longing to feel for a long time – peace and comfort. Stretching your legs in the chair will make your afternoon nap especially sweet!

Chill-out Chair fits in with urban interior and a private home as well as a cottage terrace. Why not place the chair also in the kids’ room where it will easily become the most favorite place for rest or games?

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20 February 2008

Chill out cafe from ICE!!! in Dubai , UAE

Video from Opening Night of First Ever Ice Restaurant in the DUBAI (Middle East)

Another video from ICE kingdom

Drinking in the Dubai Ice Bar

02 February 2008

Kazantip - is Russian/Ukrainian Ibiza! Want to be there!!!!!

R-Tem - Voiceless - Hymn of Kazantip 2007

Kite Sunset, Kazantip fest 2007

Beach, Kazantip fest 2007

For more video search on YouTube.com by term "Kazantip"

29 December 2007

Chillout cafe... the lounge... the bar & dinner... the sky bar... again

Some time ago I posted the photo from Chillout Cafe in Sofia, Bulgaria. Now I am posting again about this lovely place. Take a look at that fabulous place, chillout cafe in Sofia. I regret that I live so far away from this cafe.

More images you can watch here

21 December 2007

Lounge Design (Daab Design Book)

Today I found Lounge Design (Daab Design Book)
at Amazon.com

With the term lounge, one associates a place accompanied with lingering physical relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere. Relaxing in contemporarily designed surroundings thus becomes an attitude towards life. This volume shows over 60 international design examples that illustrate exactly this lounge feeling from various perspectives and so offers an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of this topic for the first time. Divided into chapters on airline lounges, corporate lounges, public facilities, gastronomy, hotels, and trade fair and events, contractors, planners, and interested parties will find a lot of inspiring and useful stimuli

Will this book be worth of it? Does anybody know?